Sunday, May 22, 2011

BSJ knit along update

I have been knitting like crazy and have gotten pretty far.......I never would have been able to do this pattern without the help of this knit along found here. I am so thankful for both of these women and the time they are taking to walk us all through this!!
I can finally see what this sweater is going to look like! And I think the size is going to be great for my little Hannah Grace this coming fall!
I still need to put together the other 2 sweaters I made, it's just easier for me to knit and nurse then it is to sew together things.....I will post pics when I finish them!



bfarmmom said...

I found your blog through the BSJ knit along. I love the yarn you are using. The color is great! Great job! I am not far along at all. It helps to see everybody else's progress.

Alicia said...

Hello Alisa I also found you through the BSJ knit along. I have been really worried about stripping. I m not at all a visual thinker and am a new knitter. Your yarn choice has inspired me to choose something similar for color and depth without my eyes crossing! Thank you for sharing.
Alicia in New Zealand