Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Altered CD case and other projects finished up

I made this frame for Brians desk at work..... a little present I just finished up! This was fun to do and sooo easy! I used my Scarlet Lime November kit....I really am enjoying their kits!! I like the way it turned out!!
This is the card I made for him for Christmas...he usually does not read my blog so I think it is safe to post these!!

And these cute note holders I made for the girls....I saw this somewhere on the web and I can't remember where. I cut chipboard to size and painted one side and put paper on the other. I used mod podge to seal it. I then decorated a clip with ribbon and clipped the post it note to the chipboard. Fast, Fun, and soo cute!

Day 23

Here is my was writing about your stockings.. I grew up with santa filling our stockings the stockings were always a very big deal...lot's of neat stuff filled our stockings. I do the same for my kids now. The stockings were all hand knitted by Brians Aunt Barbra. We lay them under the tree and that is the first thing the kids can open and dig into while we get our sleepy eyes open.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 22

My to do list is the topic of todays prompt......I really don't have much left to do a few quick errands that I want to finish up today.....I think we are supposed to get some icy mix the next couple off days. So I am off to target...and Aldis.....and the post office! Have a warm day!!! It's -4 here!! BRRRR!!!
For this post I took my actual page from my day planner and used it as the journaling for the was longer than the page so I just folded it and easy!!

Peppermint bark Recipe

So I had a bunch of emails about the recipe for the here it it is! So easy and ohhhhh so good!!

1 pkg. candy canes, unwrapped and crushed (place in thick ziploc and bang with a rolling pin or hammer)
4+ cups white chocolate (look for one that has cocoa butter in it, use the white chocolate wafers for candy making that you find at craft stores only as a last resort)
1/2-1 t. peppermint extract (you can use mint, but peppermint is better)
1 bag milk chocolate chips (you can use semisweet, but I prefer milk)

Melt white chocolate in a double boiler or in a metal bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Melting the chocolate won't take long. Take off the heat before chocolate is entirely melted and stir until smooth. Add peppermint to taste. Spread in ungreased 12x7 jelly roll pan. Place in freezer for 5 minutes. Sprinkle top with milk chocolate chips. Completely cover the white chocolate if you want layers of chocolate, or sprinkle in rows if you want a more marbled look. Place in warm (350) oven until milk chocolate is nearly melted (2-5 minutes). Spread with rubber spatula to smooth or marble. Sprinkle with crushed candy canes. Place in freezer until hard (12+ minutes). Break into pieces and store in airtight container....

that's it.....make lots cause it goes fast!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 21 Journal Your christmas

The prompt was to take pictures of what was going on today.... snowy views, wrapping presents, sledding and making peppermint bark were on the agenda for today. And I am officially done wrapping as of today!!! And I am also caught up on this project!! Yeah!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowed in and Scrappin!!

These are some shots from yesterday while the snow was still falling!

Yesterday we ended up getting over 15 inches of snow.....and are expecting 6 more tomorrow! WooHoo! The kids have been out sledding all day and I have been busy creating!! In the kitchen and in the scrap room!! Stew and rolls are cookin and I am finally caught up on my Christmas Journal. I am so proud of myself for keeping up with this and it has been alot of fun!!

Day 18 was about the I left a space for pics of our Christmas feast...

For day 19 I wrote a prayer to our heavenly Father. This is an envelope that I hole punched and will use as the page. Inside it is a slip of paper with my prayer on it....

Day 20 I decided to take a picture of all our cards hanging on the wall....I know there is still a few more days till Christmas but we have not gotten as many cards this year...everyone must be cutting back...I did not take the pic yet of the cards but this is the page it will go on.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Caught up and on a roll!!

Well I have been busy catching up with my Christmas journal entries the last few days. Day 8 is 3 pages long ....the prompt was on capturing Christmas in photos around your house but also about journaling on something that is different this year. So I did both!

Day 9 was more on your families traditions....

day 10 was on gift wrap and bows and such....

I was really happy with how day 11 came out. This one is all about our Christmas tree. I amde a flap for the pictures of us getting the tree and when you open it there is an enlarged pic of the tree and my journaling of the event.

day 13 is about the music I like....

day 14 is about presents... not what kinds but the traditions we keep in our family...when do you open them and that sort of thing

day 15 ....who will we see at's all about the visitors!!
day 16 is what I am grateful for this Christmas

Day 17 is about the perfect gift.....I copied a Christmas letter posted on Ann Voscamps blog
it is about the perfect gift that Jesus gives here to read it. It is the greatest gift of all!!

I plan on getting the last 2 days entries done later today.....we are awaiting a huge snow storm that is supposed to dump up to 12 inches of snow on us I should have lots of time to scrap!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am seriously behind on my Christmas journal.....I have all the ideas in my head but have had no time to produce the today I am determined to get caught up....problem is I also need to catch up on the cleaning, cooking , baking and wrapping....hmmmm, talk about multi tasking!!
I'll post the pics later when I get them done!! I am still really enjoying doing the journal, even though the pages have not gotten done yet I have journaled and thought about each days prompt right away.
blessings Alisa

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 6 and 7

I am a little behind in getting these has been a miracle that I have actually done the layouts on time up until now!! Today I need to do 8,9, and 10 to catch up. But i am having so much fun doing this and it is really keeping me focused this year on Christ.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A few Christmas cards....

I make and sell my cards at a childrens boutique in town....I made up some Christmas ones and just thought I would share!!

Day 4 and 5 of Journal Your Christmas

Day 4 was about your perfect is my journaling

My perfect Christmas would not be about the presents or decorations but about the people and the place. My husband and all my children gathered in our living room…..the warmth of the woodstove…the glow of the tree lights. There would be giggling and sipping of hot cocoa..the reading of the Christmas story..of a babe born in a manger. Our hearts quickening at the thought of that day so long ago. God touching us in a way that shows His perfect love…. His perfect peace flowing over us. A feeling of awe at his mercy. Thankfulness that our family knows His love so very well….

Day 5 was about how you count down to the day....we have always done an advent study...the last few years we used the Jesse Tree...and studied the lineage of Christ. When I found out that Jothams Journey was back in print (it was out of print for quite some time) I snagged myself a copy and we have really been enjoying this advent book. I highly recommend it......there are 2 sequels to it as well and they will be back in print next year.

my journaling reads

Every year we prepare our hearts and our minds as we await the birth of Jesus. This year we are reading Jothams Journey and following a young boy that lived at the time Jesus was born. The story has captured all of us. We have an advent wreath and each night the children take turns lighting the candle and then we read. Scripture is brought to life and we prepare for His coming.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 3 Cards

Okay if you normally get a card from me....don't look at this layout!!! This entry is about Christmas
cards and I have put this years card on the layout! It is done on a album is short a couple of pages so I am going to add some different ones to mix it up a bit.....

Day 2 Weather

here is my layout for journal your christmas day 2.....

the journaling reads

We have had Christmas’s with snow and without…but it is almost always cold! The last 2 years we have had snow from Thanksgiving to March so I am anticipating snow for this Christmas season.
I love waking up to a view of freshly fallen snow. Everything is so clean and fresh and crisp looking.
And having snow on Christmas morn is the perfect reminder of a tiny baby that was born sinless…pure and white and fresh. Given to us from our Father in heaven to hide the ugliness of our sins in this world. Just like a fresh blanket of new fallen snow.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Journal Your Christmas Day one!!

I did it!! I finished my day one journal entry for Shimelles Journal Your Christmas!! I had so much fun and can see how this will really help me to keep my focus on Christ this season!! I might even have the kids do the prompts each may be a new family tradition!! Here is my layout!

The journaling reads.....

Beginning today December 1 2008 I am taking back my Christmas. I promise to journal something everyday and think about the true meaning of Christmas. I will ponder Christmas’s that have passed, Christmas in the present and also my hope for Christmas’s in the future.

It is my hope that by doing this I will keep my focus on the true meaning of Christmas. That my heart will be kept in awe of Gods grace to us as he sent His only son to be born for us so that we may be saved.

My journal will help me to redeem our Holiday season for myself and my family. Helping our eyes, ears, hands and hearts to be engaged in the promise and excitement this time of year should bring.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

Last year I had very good intentions of doing the daily prompts and journaling my Christmas but it just never happened...this year I am determined to get my thoughts and ideas down on paper and put together an album!! If you would like to join here is the link
Emails begin Dec. 1!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm In!!!

Yes, I am in!!! I have taken all of Jessicas classes and have learned so I can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve for this one!!! And it is free!!! So be sure to sign up and join in the fun!!

I have been busy making cards and acordian albums..but I took no pics before I brought them to the store..sorry! I hope to do some layouts later today and get them uploaded to share!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grateful banner

I have been wanting to make one of these banners for a the kids and I have been working on gratitude and being thankful in all things and I made this banner to remind us. I am going to hang it over my mirror in the dining room. I'm really happy with how it turned out and I am thinking of making another one for Christmas.I used scenic route those owls!! Alot of rubons that I had as left overs from other kits...american crafts buttons and misc brads and bazzill paper flowers and prima flowers. The journaling box was a bonus from the sketch io2 class and is made by janna.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

a couple more layouts done for sketch 102

This layout is off Christophers first birthday in 2004.....I'm just a tad behind!! He will be 5 next week!! Oh well I really enjoyed adding all the little touches to this one...the picture does not do it justice. I've learned how to make alot of neat embellishments in this class so much fun and I have managed to not buy any more supplies but are trying to use what I have....
this layout is from a fun summer visit from our very best friends the Morris Family!!! We always have a blast when we all get together! We have 14 children between the 2 of us!!! Fun, Fun!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sketch 102

I have been so busy scrapping that I have not posted my layouts for the sketch 102 class. I can not say enough good things about this class! What a blast! I know they are going to be running a sketch 103 so be on the look out for that!! Here are some of the layouts I got done using Val and Janna's sketches and great tip ideas!!! I challenged myself to not only get the paper sketch done but also complete a digi version of the sketch. So far I have done all 6 sketches...only 2 more to do!!! (you can click on the layout to see it bigger)