Sunday, December 20, 2009

Guess who has a layout on Gallery Standouts???

So I have been visiting gallery standouts  for about a month now. I found out about it from A lot of the girls on our team have been featured there and they are just amazing scrappers! The design team at gallery standouts picks out layouts from the galleries around the web that really stand out. So I headed over there today for my daily dose of inspiration and I could not believe it......but my latest layout is featured as one of todays picks!!!!!
Woohoo!!! Pinch me!! Pinch me!!!
I am out of my head excited!!!
So here it is.....go and see.....Looking Ahead to 2010
And here is the layout that got me noticed......I created this for Log Your Memory week # 52 challenge.....

I'm off to giggle and tell every person I know.....thanks for letting me brag!!!!

smaller one

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Holly in Japan said...

A very well deserved GSO too! Congratulations. Its a simply beautiful page.